Choline and a healthy brain and body

Choline is an essential nutrient. “This means it’s required for normal bodily function and human health. Though your liver can make small amounts, you must obtain the majority through your diet. Choline is an organic, water-soluble compound. It is neither a vitamin nor a mineral. However, it is often grouped with the vitamin B complex […]

The Link Between Zinc and ED

Well here we go. Another thing we men need more of as we age. Click this link to read about how zinc helps men

Research says Elderberry can greatly shorten the length of the flu and colds!

“A small study published five years ago showed that 93% of flu patients given Sambucol were completely symptom-free within two days; those taking a placebo recovered in about six days. However, the study took place during an outbreak of influenza B — so it was unclear whether Sambucol worked with type A virus. This current […]

Acetyl L-Carnitine Brain Benefits

Can supplementing this natural amino acid that reportedly declines in our body as we age help the aging brain work better? Can it help with brain fog? Visit the link below and watch the YouTube video for more information.